Computer Networking and Beyond.

Fixed-Wireless also called 802.11 Technology; uses microwave technology that offers connectivity levels from as little as 128KBPS up to 72MBPS.  Enabling us to market this a unique advantage of Fixed-Wireless technology, as it allows for rapid design and implementation. Many ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) are at capacity, and cannot handle the demand for additional bandwidth without building expensive new facilities. With such Fixed-Wireless architecture, we can bypass the ILEC and any Local-Loops to provide access customers need. The technology also allows for custom built wireless connections to provide bandwidths at T-1 and DS3 level for networking buildings with links to address the specific needs of each user for Internet access and building connectivity needs such as Voice and Data.

Point to Point links are a one time fee for installation and setup. please call us for free site survey.   703-266-1000