Power Over Ethernet Installations

Maxrad 13DB panel outdoor antenna. esthetically acceptable panel by almost all our current users.

A standard satellite TV foot-mast is used to mount the outdoor Antenna/panel.
All our installations are POE, allowing us Zero DB loss from the antenna to the indoor router, and also enabling very long cable runs up to 330feet with an easily concealed cable.

Professionally installed wall plate with POE insertion jack. All installation are professionally terminated in the computer room or a pre-wired central hub or switch at no additional cost.

Linksys Router model# BEFSX41 is also provided as part of a standard installation. this router is an all port Auto-Uplink that can connected to a bigger hub or switch. DHCP enabled Router, Firewall, VPN, DMZ Port. for further information go to www.linksys.com

Proxim Orinoco Ethernet Converter is our current product used in Commercial installs. this wireless bridge is WEP128 enabled and remotely manageable device. it offers a more robust connectivity with a self scan, self reboot unique feature. This bridge is custom fit onto an outdoor weatherproof PVC enclosure enabling us to get rid off the LMR400 installations.